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What is whyETH?

whyETH, the cornerstone of LYS Protocol, is a pioneering Liquidity Modality Derivative(LMD) that encapsulates the innovation of liquid staking and restaking within the Ethereum ecosystem. It represents a new asset class designed to maximize yield while minimizing risk.whyETH an ERC20 token, engineered to closely track the value of Ethereum whileoffering maximum rewards.

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Benefits and advantages of whyETH

  • Maximized Yield Opportunities

    Maximized Yield Opportunities

    whyETHis engineered to tap into multiple yield-generating strategies, including ETH base yield, LST yield, LRT yield, and Superfluid staking. By integrating advanced restaking modalities, whyETH boosts yield potentials beyond traditional staking methods.

  • Innovative Asset Class

    Innovative Asset Class

    As a trailblazer in the LMD space, whyETH offers participants high growth potential. Designed to capture the complete value of LSTs and LRTs markets, whyETH presents a comprehensive investment vehicle in DeFi.

  • Reduced Risk and Diversification

    Reduced Risk and Diversification

    The diversified nature of whyETH's underlying assets and strategies mitigates the risks associated with market volatility. By blending various yield strategies, whyETH offers a balanced risk profile, suitable for both conservative and growth-oriented participants.

  • Seamless Integration and Accessibility

    Seamless Integration and Accessibility

    whyETH is accessible to all levels of investors, with a straightforward approach to staking and restaking. The platform simplifies the process of converting ETH and other assets into whyETH, making it easy for newcomers to DeFi.