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Simplifying Your Path into the Liquid Staking Economy.

One-time gas, endless LRT exposure.

  • $42 Billion +

    liquid staking on Ethereum

  • 3.78M ETH

    restaked in EigenLayer

  • 10%-30%

    unprecedented yields

  • $10 - $100 Billion

    short term estimation for total staking on EigenLayer

Your omnichain solution for Liquid Restaking and AI-assisted rebalancing

Introducing LYS Protocol, a groundbreaking DeFi platform that simplifies and optimizes your Liquid Staking and Restaking yields

LYS maximizes your yields on ETH with our real-time navigator that allows you to pick your preferred investment strategies. Easily interact with multiple LSD and RLT protocols and enjoy full transparency before choosing your staking and restaking investments.LYS also actively monitors for optimized capital distributions and leverages AI for automated rebalancing.

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How LYS Protocol works

Simplified Staking & Restaking in one go. Truly maximized Yields

Dive into the mechanics of LYS Protocol where we integrate liquid staking with restaking modalities backed by EigenLayer. Our protocol allows users to effortlessly engage with a range of restaking options, transforming ETH, LSTs, and LRTs into high-yield assets. Our approach ensures minimized risks and maximized returns, making your DeFi journey both profitable and secure.

  • Deposit your asset
    step 1

    Deposit your asset

    Deposit ETH or LSTs or LRTs or ETH denominated Liquidity Positions (LP).

  • Receive whyETH
    step 2

    Receive whyETH

    A single portfolio currency contains optimized liquid staking and restaking yields.

  • Earn Yield
    step 3

    Earn Yield

    Start earning rewards through LYS Yield Management strategies.

  • Use whyETH
    step 4

    Use whyETH

    Use whyETH across DeFi to explore other opportunities.

Why use LYS Protocol

  • Real-Time Monitoring for Optimized Capital Distribution

    Real-Time Monitoring for Optimized Capital Distribution

    LYS offers real-time monitoring of your investment portfolio for any potential volatility. Rest assured that your investments are comfortably within range yield expectations.

  • AI-Powered Portfolio Management

    AI-Powered Portfolio Management

    We use AI-powered algorithmic strategies to maximize yield and strategically place and manage portfolio for optimal yield and risk level.

What is LYS

Protocol DAO?

A fully decentralized, community-governed protocol driving decisions through voting power of LYS tokens. The decision making process is done through voting power of governance tokens (LYS).

  • Submit a proposal for review

    Submit a proposal for review

    Discuss with community members and receive feedback

  • On-chain governance

    On-chain governance

    Vote for active proposals. Your locked $LYS liquidity is your voting power

  • Community driven

    Community driven

    Proposals that meet quorum and majority approval are implemented

Examples of parameters that could be voted on

  • Addition of assets

    The addition of assets that meet the risk requirements of the protocol

  • Risk parameters

    Risk parameters for protocol regarding accepted assets

  • Protocol improvements

    Improvements to the protocol such as changes to smart contracts and governance processes

  • Protocol distribution

    Delegate protocol reserve distribution schedules